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15bbl Brew Kettle (x2) + 2 Vessel Platform + Brew Data system jacketed and insulated flat top with hinged lid that opens up half the vessel thermowall - 1.5” TC :: 1” CIP extension 1.5” TC :: whirlpool 4” TC main drain - 10” steam vent 12” exhaust - RE4700 burner x2 2-Vessel Platform (15bbl) MFG:...

Location: Denver, Colorado 80216
Condition: Used
Installation: Still Installed/Loose/Uncrated

50L Yeast Brink tank: 1.Stainless steel 304; 2.Bottom outlet with 1.5'' butterfly valve; 3.4''Top port .

Location: Ningbo, China, California China 250033
Year: 2021
Condition: New

-10 bbl mash tun. It s manual stir but has false bottom, mandoor for grain removal, lid and grist hydrator. Raised up for removal of grain into bins. $4000 -Boil kettle that can be used with electrical elements(has 3 2” ports for 15kw elements). But we also still have the burner and heat guards t...

Location: Yakima, Washington 98902
Condition: Used
Capacity: 10 Bbls
Installation: Boxed on a Skid/Pallet

CRIVELLER BREWTECH 3 BBL STEAM BREWHOUSE Two vessel system made in stainless steel 304 / #4 finish (outside) All welds are ground smooth and passivated inside and brushed and passivated outside The system is designed to produce a brew in 5 to 6 hours and a double batch in 8 to 9 hours The ...

Location: elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 17022
Year: 2017
Condition: New
Capacity: 3 Bbls
Installation: Skidded and Banded/Strapped

20 Gal Single-Tier Sculpture, Digital 27 Gal Conical Frementer – Heat Cool – 2 each multiple Corney Kegs 20# CO2 Cylinders – 3 each Spare High Temp Pump Barley Mill and Electronic Scale Large Refrigeration Unit can easily hold 24 Corney Kegs Misc Brewing Equipment and tools to complete a home bre...

Location: Bonny Doon, California 95060
Condition: Used

This system has been used on and off, seasonally since 1997 in Alaska. The brew house and ferms were custom built by Elliot Bay Manufacturing out of Seattle, WA in 1997 using U.S. stainless steel and labor. Everything is in full working order. Mash Lauter Tun: 1 1/2“ TC bottom outlet; 1” TC sp...

Location: Skagway, Alaska 98106
Condition: Used
Capacity: 4 Bbls
Installation: Skidded and Banded/Strapped
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