4 Bbl. Steam-jacketed Brewhouse with Fermenters and Brites

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Equipment is located in Alaska. Prices include shipping to Seattle or Anchorage if purchasing most/all of the equipment.


This system has been used on and off, seasonally since 1997 in Alaska.  The brew house and ferms were custom built by Elliot Bay Manufacturing out of Seattle, WA in 1997 using U.S. stainless steel and labor.  Everything is in full working order.

Mash Lauter Tun:  1 1/2“ TC bottom outlet; 1” TC sparge inlet (no sparge arm); rectangular side grain outdoor; side steam jacket; and perforated false bottom. No grant or pumps. $5,000

Boil Pot:  1 1/2“ TC fittings -CIP, Vaurlof, drain&wash; dished bottom with trub damn; thermal well; bottom and side steam jackets. $5,000

Hot Liquor Tank:  converted four BBL serving tank (not insulated) with 1 1/2 TC fittings -bottom drain, CIP, top vent, side port; side steam and thermal well. Working volume 150 gallon.  $1,000

Sussman Electric Boiler -Model ES72, 208 volt, 190 amp, 3 phase  $3,000

Thermaline Plate Chiller -Model T4CH  $1,000

Rollem Precision Oat Crimper -Model 400  $1,000

Conical Fermenters:

(2) Four BBL Tanks -94” height / 32” diameter  $3,500 each

(2) Seven BBL Tanks -110” height / 38” diameter $4,600 each

(1) Twelve BBL Tank- 120” height / 44” diameter  $5,800

All have single zone glycol jacket; 1/4” thermal well; CIP / blow-off arm; PVR valve (15 PSI); racking arm; three adjustable legs; and bottom dump.

Glycol Chiller:  Unknown Manufacturer  $1,000

Grundy Serving Tanks:

(4) Three BBL(110gallon) -44” Height / 32” diameter $1,500 each

(2) Six BBL(220gallon) -60” Height / 40” diameter $2,000 each

All have 1 1/2” TC -PVR and CIP; bottom drain; sample valve; ball-lock gas connection; and side man-way; 30 PSI working pressure; and two top sight glasses.

Total:  $49,000

Equipment is located in Alaska.  Prices include shipping to Seattle or Anchorage if purchasing most/all of the equipment.

Questions & Answers

Chris Fyffe
Michael Healy
Posted Monday, May 10, 2021
The equipment was last used in 2018. Everything is in good working order. If you get me an email address, I can get you some more pictures. Thanks!