We do brewery and equipment valuations.

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Determining the valuation for your brewery or equipment is a critical step in making informed business decisions, whether you're considering a sale, seeking investment, or planning succession.

Being a brewery owner and CPA provides us with a unique skill set for determining the valuation of your brewery. Brewery valuation involves several factors influencing the final number, and we usually look at all factors.

We use the following approaches for valuation:


Comparable Transactions: This method compares your brewery to similar breweries and incorporates earnings to estimate the valuation.


We use Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) to estimate the value of the brewery's future cash flows.

Seller's Discretionary Earnings (SDE):

SDE reflects the total financial benefit a single owner-operator would derive from the brewery.


Net Asset Value (NAV): This method values the brewery based on its tangible assets, like equipment, inventory, real estate, and intellectual property, minus liabilities.

Other factors

We consider are brewery size and capacity, financial performance, brand recognition and reputation, growth potential, location, and market conditions, among others.