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The beer industry creates challenges for small independent brewers. To name a few: distribution challenges, economies of scale, market saturation, access to capital, marketing, visibility, and, of course, competition with Big Beer. There are also opportunities for small independent brewers to thrive; that is where we come in.

Benefits of using us:

Get real-world expert advice. Many consultants have never owned a brewery; we do, in fact, have multiple breweries. Our deep understanding of the brewing industry can provide valuable insights and advice.

Save time and money. We can help you avoid costly mistakes and to make the most of your resources.

Increase sales and profitability. We help you make better business decisions and clarify your options, no matter the situation.

Your financial situation and options. As a CPA and brewery owner, we have seen all different brewery situations and can provide unbiased recommendations on a path forward.


Areas of Practice


Starting a small brewery can be an exciting and rewarding venture, but it's also a complex and challenging process if you've never done it before. Having us as your partner can be a valuable investment that saves you time and money and reduces stress during this crucial startup stage.

Expertise and Guidance:

Developing a sound plan: We have done it for all our breweries, and we can help you create a comprehensive business plan.

Location, Location Location: Selecting the right location and equipment is crucial for many reasons. 

Right-sizing from day one: We will also assist in sourcing and selecting the most suitable brewing equipment based on your specific needs, plans, and budget.

Optimizing your brewing process: We will share our expertise in brewing techniques, quality control, recipe development, and sanitation procedures.

"Field of Dreams": "Brew great beer and they will come" is no longer enough. Building a solid brand and marketing strategy is critical for bringing customers in and being success. We can help you develop a unique brand identity that resonates with your target audience.

Cost Savings and Efficiency:

Avoiding costly mistakes from day one: We've seen them all, so we can help you anticipate potential pitfalls and navigate challenges that could arise during the startup process.

Negotiating better deals: We do it for our breweries; we can do it for yours. We know pricing and what is reasonable.

Streamlining operations: We can identify areas for optimization within your brewery's workflow and implement efficient systems to improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

Maximizing resources: We focus on the financial side of brewing. We can help you utilize your finite resources effectively and get the most out of your budget.

Reduced Stress and Peace of Mind:

Sharing the workload with someone who has done it successfully before.

Feedback and support: We offer ongoing support, mentoring, and valuable insights throughout the startup process.

Building confidence and reassurance: Use our expert knowledge and experience. We are particularly beneficial to first-time brewery owners who may feel overwhelmed by the challenges of starting a new business.


In today's competitive small brewing space, streamlining your operations and optimizing your supply chain are crucial for success. Here are key areas we can help:

Cost Savings and Efficiency:

Brewing Process Optimization: We will review your current brewing process and identify areas for improvement. This can include optimizing your recipe formulation, hop utilization, mashing schedule, fermentation parameters, and packaging processes.

Supply Chain Optimization: We can help you develop a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain by analyzing your current procurement procedures, inventory management, and transportation logistics.

Compliance with Regulations: We will help you stay up-to-date on the brewing industry's latest regulations and compliance requirements.

Reduced Operating Costs: By optimizing your brewing processes and supply chain, you can significantly reduce your operational costs over the long term.

Inventory Management Improvement: We can help you optimize your inventory levels to minimize waste and ensure you have the necessary ingredients and materials on hand to meet production demands.

Improved Forecasting and Planning: Our experience in this area can assist you in developing accurate forecasting models to anticipate demand and plan production accordingly.

Negotiation Support: Leverage our industry connections and expertise to negotiate better deals with suppliers and service providers, saving you money on key inputs.

Market Knowledge With our breweries, have extensive knowledge of the brewing industry and can provide valuable insights into market trends, competitor analysis, and potential growth opportunities.

Objectivity and Fresh Perspectives: Let us provide you with an objective and unbiased perspective on your operations, often identifying opportunities and areas for improvement that may be overlooked by you.

Sales & Marketing

While making exceptional beer is fundamental, reaching your target audience and building a loyal customer base requires a well-defined Sales approach.

Target Audience: We can help you Identify your ideal customer and understand their preferences, demographics, and buying habits. This allows you to tailor your sales strategy and marketing messages to resonate with them effectively.

Distribution Channels: We can help develop a strategic distribution partnership plan with bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and other retail outlets to ensure your beer is readily available to your target audience.

Wholesale and Direct Sales: We can help develop a sales approach for both on-premises, direct, and wholesale to maximize your reach and revenue.

Sales Incentives and Promotions: We can show you how we Implement attractive sales incentives and promotional offers to entice new customers, encourage repeat purchases, and drive sales growth.


Most revenue for small breweries comes from their taproom on-premises sales. Running a successful brewery requires running a successful taproom. Our successful experience running our taprooms can benefit you.

Planning and Setup:

Concept and Design: We can help you develop a unique and inviting taproom concept that reflects your brand identity and brewing philosophy.

Equipment and Supplies: We can provide guidance on equipment and supplies, such as tap lines, glassware, coolers, point-of-sale systems, and furniture, to ensure a smooth operation.

Tap List Management: We can help you develop a diverse and curated tap list.

Food: There is a direct correlation between food and higher beer sales. We can help you with food strategy to optimize beer sale revenue.

Staffing and Training:

Hiring the Right People: Your people are your business. We can guide you on how to get the right people who are passionate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic about craft beer, and dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Comprehensive Training: We can provide workshops on training for your staff on beer knowledge, taproom operations, customer service, and food safety procedures.

Marketing and Promotions:

Build Brand Awareness: We can help implement a marketing strategy to promote your taproom and build brand awareness within your local community and beyond.

Events and Promotions: We can provide guidance in organizing special events, tastings, and promotions to attract new customers, drive traffic, and generate excitement about your taproom.

Analyze Customer Feedback: We take feedback seriously and can help you do the same.

Product Merchandising.  We can help you generate revenue from this sale channel.


Breweries are a significant capital investment that, most of the time, requires financing. With our partner's accountant background, we understand business financing and how to position a brewery to get capital. Let's use our finance expertise and relationships to help you with your capital requirements.

As owners of successful breweries, we can offer invaluable support and guidance in the area of strategy and planning. Here are some of the areas we see a lot in our practice.

Clarify your brewery vision; this is the foundation for your business decisions and guides your overall strategy.

Target Audience: We help you define who your customers are and where your revenue will be generated.

Financial Projections and Budgeting: As one of our core competencies, our firm's strong financial skills provide our clients significant value in this area. Finance and budgeting touch every area of your brewery.

Operational Efficiency and Growth Strategies: We can help analyze your operations, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and support future growth.

Marketing and Sales Strategy: We can develop a marketing and sales strategy that includes online and offline channels, social media marketing, public relations, and targeted advertising campaigns.

Distribution and Sales Channels: As brewery owners, we can work with you to develop a plan to identify and establish successful distribution channels, including bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and direct online sales.