How to List and Buy

How do I register to sell on the marketplace?

Accounts are free. Sign Up or Log In to get listing privileges. Buyers can contact you and make offers.

Wholesale Pricing

New accounts by default are set to retail pricing.  Wholesale pricing is available for accounts buying items for resale. To qualify, we require on file an adequate proof of intent to resell in the form of a valid state Resale Certificate. To change your account type from retail to wholesale, click here to upload your Resale Certificate.

What are the fees?

Seller fees are based on the type of payment service you select on your account.

The default payment method is UniteCraft Escrow.  Funds from the sale are received into a UniteCraft trust account and after 14 days, funds are released to the seller by mailed check.  

- Seller fee 7% (93% of the sale is paid to the seller)

- Buyer fee 4% (4% is added to the buyers invoice)

Save on marketplace fee by signing up for a Stripe Direct Payment account.  Funds from the buyers are sent directly to your bank account.

- Seller fee 4% (96% of the sale is paid to the seller - SAVE 3%)

- Buyer fee 4% (4% is added to the buyers invoice)

Stripe direct payment is integrated into the UniteCraft platform. Millions of companies of all sizes—from startups to Fortune 500s—use Stripe to accept payments, send payouts, and manage their businesses online.

How do I pay?

To pay for an item, go through the Checkout process and make your full payment using a credit card. (an additional 2.95% convenience fee will apply)

Sales tax exemption?

Buyers who have submitted reseller tax exemption documents in advance or on your first purchase (verification may take up to two business days) are eligible for sales tax exemption. You will be asked to provide your tax documentations for review and verification by a sales representative. If the tax documents are valid, your account will be set-up to apply sales tax exemption for the respective state(s) for the period your tax exemption documents are valid. You will also be presented wholesale pricing in the DI marketplace.

Can I talk directly with the buyer/seller?

Yes, buyers and sellers can chat, negotiate and accept offers in real-time. UniteCraft DI Marketplace has the industry’s first and only integrated real-time sales negotiation, chat, and SMS notification tool, all in a single application.

Who coordinates and pays for shipping

The cost, arrangement and insurance of shipping is specified by the buyer and seller in the offer.  Typically it is the responsibly of the buyer.  For more information on shipping, please see Shipping FAQ

How do I self-post an item?

Self-posting is a free "Do it Yourself" service to add items to the marketplace. It's easy and convenient.

To start, click here Self-Posting or click "Sell" at the top of the page.  You need a UniteCraft account to Self-Post.  Accounts are free. Sign Up or Log In

For more information on self posting, visit our self post FAQ