Distillation package

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Distillation Equipment and Materials for Sale

   Quantity Two (2) 1000-gallon Stills (column type)

 Custom made by Vengeance Stills in ******* GA

Selling everything for a discounted price of $154,995

(Prices listed below if you want to purchase separately.)

Includes External pot steam jackets, 3 columns with 3 plates in each column (9 plates total with 19 bubblers on each plate), Dephlegmator, Shotgun style condenser, and Bottom drain.

Asking $80k each; Low usage



Quantity 1 column with 3 sections (8.5” flange diameter), dephlegmator, and shotgun style condenser.

This unit does NOT include a still.

  Asking $8,000; Low usage



Quantity 1 power control unit for electric heating of 120-gallon size still

Asking $1,500; excellent condition


Quantity 6 Mash Tanks (each 1000-gallon capacity)

 Asking $900 per tank; excellent condition



Quantity 12 IBC tanks (275 gallons each)

 Asking $450 per container; excellent condition



Quantity 40 Plastic Drums (55 gallons each)

     Asking $70 per drum; excellent condition



Quantity 1 Drum Pump

 Asking $75 excellent condition



Quantity 1 Dayton model #PP2LTAB21SBG Pump

Asking $350; excellent condition



Quantity 1 Flowtec model #C48M2EC11C3 pump

Asking $175 excellent condition



Quantity 2 Aqua Pulse model #AP-10000 Pond Pumps

Asking $300 each; excellent condition



 Additional Items Available 

12” tabletop bag sealer asking $150 excellent condition

White 44-gallon containers Qty 1 asking $30 lightly used

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