Centec Beer Dealcoholizer

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Listing #: 308519
Quantity: 1
Seller: Jodi Villa (Other Listings)
Prod.Year: 2019
Manufacturer: Centec
Model #: DeAlco Tec 5
Weight: 9500.00 lb. (Estimated)
Dimensions: 157.00 x 79.00 x 228.00 inches((L x W x H))
Last Used: 2020-12-15
Capacity: 3.145 Bbls
Condition: Used
Ownership: SELLER Location
Removal: Rigging or Heavy Machinery Needed
Installation: Skidded and Banded/Strapped
Handling: Seller Responsibility
Buyer responsible for freight (shipping and handling) to and commissioning at new location.


The Centec dealcoholizer is a sophisticated and highly efficient system for the removal of alcohol from beer and other alcoholic beverages.  Incoming alcohol rich product is first gently heated by a heat exchanger to promote distillation.  It is then pumped into the top of a specially designed distillation column.  The product steam rises upwards inside the column counter current to the falling warm liquid thereby removing the alcohol components from the beer.  The dealcoholized beer falls to the column base.  It will then be pumped to the evaporator, in which the energy is created for reuse in the system.  The remaining alcohol-free product is pumped away and cooled for storage or further processing as required, e.g. for carbonation.  The volatile flavors from the original product can be separated from the exhaust vapors in a special aroma recovery system and added back to enhance the stats of the finished beverage.  The alcohol vapors are concentrated, cooled and condensed to form liquid alcohol of up to 70-75 vol. % for use in other applications or for sale to industry as a food grade product.

Ceria is the original owner and the unit is in excellent condition.  All manuals are included.  Appropriate utilities are required (steam, cooling).  An accompanying 15 HP Dual Scroll 200 Tank Pro Refrigeration chiller is also available at additional cost.

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