Invisible Sentinel SimpliAmp PCR Suite w/ Test Materials

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Pricing Includes Thermal Cycler pre-loaded with software and consumable test materials.


This SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler comes completely pre-programmed for use in the beer, wine, and food industry, with cycles relevant to workflows and reagents which can be readily acquired from invisible sentinel/bioMérieux. The unit was purchased new, has been used by the trained owner since late 2019, and is in excellent working condition. You can further customize your own temperature programs, but the system is standard for QAQC at companies without access to certified chemists in the beer and wine industry, being easily operated and with reagents coming directly from the supplier without requiring aseptic mixing. 

The cycler can run all 96 wells for a single assay (say, hyperattenuating STA+ wild yeast contaminants), but assuming most purchasers are not running that sort of thruput, we have had great success with using three-way split cycle for Invisible Sentinel's Veriflow method, assessing Pediococcus & Lactobacillus, Dekkera, and Diastaticus in collected samples in a single run. If you work in the food/juice or wine industry, there are countless tests available already programmed on the device as well. The steps are pretty basic and I will include some instructions and colored diagrams, but here is the general workflow:

1. Collect Sample

- *Optional* incubate sample up to 48hrs -

2. Centrifuge Sample

3. Isolate and wash pellet with buffer

4. Place into pre-mixed PCR reagent tube (or digest tube and digest cycle first assuming the method and product call for it)

5. Place PCR tube into thermal cycler

6. Select test from the methods menu based on product type and contaminant to be detected

7. Run

8. Add buffer and place sample onto development cassette window for results. 

Unlike standard plating, this process can give you results from samples taken in fermenters, brite tanks, barrels, cans/bottles, etc., within the day. Further reagents, machine attachments, growth media, etc., are available from invisible sentinel for a large variety of unique demands, but this setup should be ready to go right out of the box having been set up. 

Our Shipment will include the following contents:

1 x Thermal Cycler

41 x Diastaticus Test Cassettes w/ 5 Bottles of buffer ACB for washing 

33 x Pediococcus & Lactobacillus Test Cassettes w/ 3 Bottles of buffer A for washing 

7 x Dekkera Test Cassettes w/ 1 Bottle of Buffer A for washing 

8 x Buffer B dropper bottles for cassette development

35 x Veriflow Digest tubes

36 x Veriflow BrewPAL Reagent Tubes

32 x Veriflow BrewSTAT Reagent Tubes

29 x Veriflow BrewDEK Reagent Tubes

To help understand the value here, and the cost of future orders from Invisible Sentinel, cost per kit box (includes 24 tests, a buffer for washing, and a buffer for cassette development) is approximately $176. Each order of frozen reagent tubes (includes 24/pk), is around $352. This brings the equivalent value of the extra materials provided to over $2000! We will be including some instructional material and paperwork for the device and brewing workflows as well to help you feel secure with what you're buying and ready to dig in with confidence ASAP. That said, you should invest in a centrifuge as well several pipettes to get going. 

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