Complete Brewery and Taproom Assets

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Listing #: 464362
Quantity: 1
Seller: Adam Kandle (Other Listings)
Prod.Year: 2016
Weight: 7000.00 lb. (Estimated)
Dimensions: 117.00 x 300.00 x 102.00 inches((L x W x H))
Last Used: 2020-01-01
Serial #: 00420320147K1 / 7K1 BK SS-01071 / SND-500 HLT 733506 / M-300 MT
Capacity: 7 Bbls
Condition: Used
Ownership: SELLER Location
Removal: Forklift Needed
Installation: Boxed on a Skid/Pallet
Handling: Buyer Responsibility


7BBL Direct Fire Brewhouse- brewed hundreds of batches on this system myself. A great brewhouse that travels well and can crank out lots of great wort at high efficiency.

7BBL & 3BBL FVs, Brites, Chillers, etc.

Hi all, I have equipment for sale. Made some upgrades, opened a satellite brewery (closed) and played musical chairs for the last few years and things have shaken out. Now I need to sell this stuff. 3-vessel direct-fire brewhouse, cellar (4 FVs), Oktober seamer, a sweet bar, some furniture and a few other pieces available. Prices negotiable, make an offer. Thanks!

Kit Package - All Lots $69,000 Brewhouse Kit Package HLT Only- 500 Gallon Mash Tun Only - 7BBL - 300 Gallon Kettle Only - 7BBL - 324 Gallon Midco EC-200 Direct Fire Burner Midco EC-300 Direct Fire Burner Brewhouse pump- 1/2HP (Pump #1) HX (Heat Exchanger) Muller Grain Mill on casters Brewery Hose #1 Brewery Hose #2 Brewhouse Control Panel 7BBL Conical Jacketed & Insulated FV 900L (7.55BBL) Jacketed, Insulated FV/SV/ Dish Bottom Unitank 900L (7.55BBL) Jacketed, Insulated FV/SV/ Dish Bottom Unitank KEGS - 1/2BBL (15.5 gallon) Stainless Sanke D Kegs UBC Glycol Chiller #1 UBC Glycol Chiller #2 Walk In Freezer Oktober MK19 (2019) Can Seamer BAR - Chatoyance Accented Cottonwood Taproom Bar Square Terminal and Cash Drawer Sign Hook with Pineapple Custom Conical 3bbl Stainless Jacketed FV Furniture Kegerator #1 Kegerator #2 Kegerator #3 Wall Divider Clamps, Tapered Fittings and TC Fittings Valves Evaporative cooler - Phoenix Aerocool Puncheon with Manway

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