3.5 Bbl complete electric brewhouse, turnkey system.

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Listing #: 294303
Quantity: 1
Seller: Joshua Stamps (Other Listings)
Prod.Year: 2013
Manufacturer: various, including Stout Tanks, Brewmation, G.W. Kent, Thermaline, Chilstar, etc
Weight: 5000.00 lb. (Estimated)
Last Used: 2023-05-22
Serial #: No Serial Numbers
Capacity: 7 Bbls
Condition: Used
Ownership: SELLER Location
Removal: Rigging or Heavy Machinery Needed
Installation: Special Decommissioning Required
Handling: Seller Responsibility


Hot Side:
All steel manufactured by " Stout Tanks"
120 gal. electric HLT
120 gal. Mash tun with false bottom for lautering/vorlauf, electrically heated RIMS system attatched via TC port.
145 gal. electric Brew Kettle w/sight glass, whirlpool valve, and knockout port.  system compiled by "Brewmation" in conjunction with "Stout Tanks"

1 x water pump
1 x wort pump
2 x peristaltic pump
1 x control box
Touchscreen digital control panel, featuring HLT timer, flow meter, pump AND glycol system control and management, recipe storage and recall, heater adjustments, timer with alarm.  Additional features may be added, contact "Brewmation".

Thermaline heat exchanger (single stage, only city water hookup, no glycol) w/inline digital temp. probe.

Cold Side:
2 x 7bbl Jacketed Brite tanks including 15 psi pressure relief (dual/in/out) sight tube, perlick styled sample valve, CIP arm, CIP spray ball, etc.  (manufactured by "Stout Tanks")
5 x 7bbl Jacketed Conical Fermentation Vessels, including 15 psi pressure relief (dual/in/out) perlick style sample valve, racking arm, CIP arm and spray ball, digital temp probes, etc.
(various manufacture, including "Stout Tanks and "GW Kent")
Chilstar Glycol system with control box (connects to main panel via cable) solenoids and digital temp probes for various tanks and system.

1 x 3/4hp standalone liquid pump, on cart with wheels, includes vsriable speed control **** for fine tuning of CIP and transfers/etc.

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Doug Tibbs
Asked Monday, July 3, 2023