GAI-4531-FE-BIER complete bottling line

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Listing #: 927771
Quantity: 3
Seller: Brent Mills (Other Listings)
Prod.Year: 2017
Manufacturer: GAI // Prospero
Model #: GAI 4531-FE-BIER-001,GAI 6080E, OMB-2005A-MTG10-SO
Weight: 6613.87 lb. (Estimated)
Condition: Used
Ownership: SELLER Location
Removal: Rigging or Heavy Machinery Needed
Installation: Special Decommissioning Required
Handling: Seller Responsibility


For sale is our 16 head x 3 crowner GAI 4531- FE-BIER electro-pneumatic complete bottling line equipped with a GAI -6080-E labeler and in line OMBF cork and Wire hood applicator.  Complete package also comes with manual bottle loading and manual pack off tables as well as all necessary conveyors, video jet date coder and bottle rinse tunnel for a turn key bottling line set up.

****OMBF automatic cork and wire hood applicator price is not included in the $385,000 as it can be sold separately for $40,000 USD. ( paid $110,000 CAD for the complete OMBF set up in 2018)

We purchased this full packaging solution from Prospero in 2018 and is in excellent working condition. We run 330ml bottles at 4500 bottles per hour, 650ml bottles at 3000 bottles per hour and 750ml cork and caged bottles at 2000 bottles per hour.

Electro-pneumatic allows for super quick bottle change over (less than 15 min) and allows filling adjustments on the fly. All change out parts included. Easily adapted to various bottles.  Extremely efficient and easy to run.

Complete list of all included:

1. GAI-4531-FE-BIER 

-16 head two phase rinser blower

-16 head filler

-3 head revolving crown capper

-Crown cap elevator feeder

-Manual pack on and pack off tables.

-All conveyors to connect entire packaging line. Turn key set up. (see layout attached)

-Bottle wash / rinse station.

-Video Jet date coder (pics available upon request)

  • Output 1700 Litres/Hour
  • Speed 1500-4500 Bottles/Hour

2. GAI-6080-E Labeler

-paid $87,000 CAD in 2018

-light depression atomic monoblock labeler

-more pics available upon request

3. OMB-2005A-MTG10-SO auto – cork and wire hood applicator – $40,000 USD (priced separately, for sale with or without)

-Photocell controller, magazine of revolver

-more pics available upon request

check actual footage to see it in working 

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