GAI 3031 FE BIER Bottling Machine & Labeler, Date Coder

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We have a GAI 12-head Monobloc 3031 FE-BIER bottling machine and the GAI 6050E labeler for sale with a Domino V230i date-coder with the corresponding touch-screen that thermally transfers the print to your label.

Bottler Points:
-Capable of producing 1,000 to 3,000 bottles per hour
-12-head double phase rinsing station that rinses and blows out the bottle
-12-head isobaric filling station with electropneumatic spouts for consistent fills
-Uses a pre-evacuation pump to purge all oxygen
-Single head rotating crown capping station that can use 26 mm and 29 mm crowns
-Uses a fine water jet to create foam before the crown is applied
-External bottle rinser after crowner turret
-We currently have change-over parts for 3 bottle sizes (12 oz longnecks, 330 ml, and 750 ml)
-Has 478 working hours
-Has produced roughly 4,000 bbl of product (roughly 1.3 million bottles)
-Comes with the unloading station

Labeler Points:
-Can label up to 4,000 bottles/hour
-Uses a vacuum belt to apply the label for consistent placement
-Has the Domino V230i thermal transfer date-coder with the corresponding touch-screen
-Comes with the loading table
-Has 2 interchangeable screws for large and small bottle formats
-Has overflow sensor to keep bottles from building up and creating a jam

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