Blichmann Nano System w/Imperial Burners, oversized Glycol Chiller

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Selling a used Blichmann Nano system. Comes with everything you see here and more, including a good CIP pump, False Bottom, Hop blocker, mash paddle and various clamps and hoses. What you see in the pics are: 4-42 Gallon Blichmann Fermenators outfitted with the optional cooling coils , 4- Temperature contollers, A 1 ton Glycol Chiller with plumbing, 3-50 gallon Blichmann BoilerMakers, and 3-90K btu Imperial Natural Gas burners (One has been retrofitted for more heat). There may be some items missing from the description, but if belongs with this system, it will be included! All offers will be entertained, however we are currently asking 17,000 OBO for the whole lot. Thank you for your consideration.

Cheers! Brandon

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