CO2 Leak Detector

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The SAN-13 is designed for employees or workers to detect areas in which CO2 leaks can occur. 

The CO2 Leak Detector is used in a variety of applications and industries such as Beverage, Wineries, Breweries and many others. 

The SAN-13 CO2 Leak Detector features an advanced, NDIR sensor technology providing accurate, reliable, and highly sensitive tracking of even the smallest CO2 leaks.


  • NDIR Sensor Technology - taking 20 readings per second!
  • Audible and Visual Indicator of the CO2 Leak
  • Two sensitivity modes, enabling quick location of leakage
  • Large OLED display
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries with a 12-hour battery life
  • Dual calibration methods: Ambient Air or Nitrogen
  • Automatic power-off at 5 minutes to conserve battery life
  • Extremely Small, Compact Design
  • Rugged design with protective rubber enclosure
  • Heavy-duty metal clip
  • IP54 housing to protect against dust, rain or splashdown
  • Removable serpentine probe with thread

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