Great Beer Is No Longer Enough

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The beer industry is not friendly to the small independent brewers.

That is why we're here! We have a full suite of professional services backed by decades of craft brewery business expertise.

We bring a wealth of expertise and a passion for craft brewing to guide you on your journey to success. Our knowledge comes from more than textbooks and academics; we have been successful multi-brewery owners for over seventeen years.  We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities within the small craft brewing landscape. Whether you are launching a new brewery, seeking operational optimization, or striving to enhance your market presence, UniteCraft is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the craft beer industry.


From Startups to Closures and everything in-between

In our full-service brewery advisory practice, we're committed to going beyond the standard. We don't just offer guidance; we become your partners in navigating the intricacies and challenges of the craft beer landscape. We are seasoned expert brewery owners with broad skills and first-hand experience deeply rooted in the craft beer industry. We offer comprehensive guidance tailored to your unique vision and goals.


Working with an accountant with experience in the brewery industry is essential

Our in-house accountant and brewery owner uses a combination of measures and factors to provide an accurate appraisal of your brewery; in combination with our accounting-based valuation methods, we also use a proprietary appraisal application that delivers the most accurate equipment appraisals based on historical data.  


We can decommission, move, store and sell your brewery equipment

Securing the right off-site storage space for used brewery equipment is critical for brewers looking to preserve, repurpose, or sell their valuable assets.  Combining our Storage lot with our Consignment Marketplace, we provide a one-stop shop for relocating and selling your equipment.

Consignment Marketplace

We’ll Sell the Brewery Equipment For You!

Our Consignment Lot storage option and listing in the marketplace are hassle-free, easy ways to sell your pre-owned brewery equipment for maximum return with minimal risk. We are your partner who sells the equipment for you. 


We Provide Full-Service Closure

Inventory Assessment, Brewery Decommissioning, Rigging and Transport, Off-Site Storage at our Consignment Lot, Asset Valuation and Sale.


Besides helping client's sell equipment, we also acquire brewery equipment.

We specialize in buying and leasing out used brewery equipment, helping new and existing breweries preserve capital for running and growing their businesses.


Equipment financing and working capital loans for Craft Brewers

We’ve teamed up with the industry's best craft brewing financiers to make buying faster and easier for you. Do you need financial assistance, we can help you explore your options.