Preserve independence, together

UniteCraft's mission is to organize the collective power of independent craft to increase small brewery advantages, expanding market opportunities, and create healthier businesses.

UniteCraft is a multi-year development venture to better connect the craft community. We started with PinPoint Craft and Online Equipment Marketplaces. Our next phase is the Business Center followed by UniteCraft Real-time Co-op platform.

Learn more about the future of UniteCraft below. We would love to have your input as we build the future services that help strengthen the collective future of craft.  Share your ideas. Click here.


UniteCraft hosts three independent online equipment marketplaces: brewery equipment, distillery equipment and bar equipment. The marketplaces let buyers and sellers connect, communicate, and negotiate sales in an organized environment.

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UniteCraft real-time Co-op marketplace is an integration technology application to help brewery purchasing co-operatives better manage their member and vendor interactions and to make the buying process more efficient, manageable and cost effective. UniteCraft Co-op is designed to help save you time and money in your procurement process.

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Designed to connect the CRAFT community, this interactive service hosts 20,000+ CRAFT service providers and businesses, from riggers to installers to local artists and musicians, updated continuously.

Create a pin profile, promote your business or consulting to the community, take bookings, and get paid online, all in one place.

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  (In Progress)

Access "Brewery Vital Signs", a free online interactive benchmarking and "what if" business scenario tool.  Other shared services include:

  • Business Coaching & Strategic Planning
  • Learning Resources
  • Accounting Services
  • HR Services
  • IT Services
  • Marketing & Media Services

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A brewery management software as a service subscription (Brew SAS), priced appropriately for the craft industry. Choose the applications that are beneficial to your company, and receive prorated rates. 

Applications include Sales, Order and Customer management, Production Planning & Scheduling, Packaging & Inventory Control, Financials, Compliance Reporting, HR and Analytics.

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