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What If Things Go Sideways?

This webinar covered various aspects of scaling down or closing your brewery from the point of view of a financier, landlord, and valuation consultant.


Rick Wehner (Financier) :
Thad Fisco (Landlord) :
Derek Groff (Valuation Consultant) :

  1. How do I evaluate my current standing?
  2. What should I do after I decide to close?
  3. How much debt is too much debt?
  4. How do court appointed receivers work?
  5. Closing / scaling down only one location?
  6. Landlord questions?
  7. EBITDA and brewery valuation?
  8. Best place to sell business or equipment?

Increase To-Go Revenue from the Brewery Kitchen

Are you leaving money on the table by not integrating online food orders with your to-go beer sales?

Presenter: Austin Fabel is the Director at Fresh Technology/ToGo Technologies. He discussed the various options to quickly and inexpensively set up your brewery for taking online food and beer orders that can increase your revenue. Brewery kitchen take-out can bring in additional revenue that will help mitigate impacts of a possible second wave of COVID-19.

The state of online ordering in 2020

  1. Benefits of touchless transaction for taprooms
  2. Most Important feature for a To-Go application
  3. Benefits of Flat Rate pricing & ToGo’s flat rate