Shipping & Handling

We can save you time and money on shipping. 

We’ll get you competing bids from trustworthy carriers.

There are many unique challenges to moving brewery equipment, including the risk of damage. The UniteCraft Shipping and Handling team can assist you with complicated logistics after you’ve purchased your brewery equipment.

We save you time and money by providing freight estimates for the best transport companies. Our team is knowledgeable in various cost-efficient transportation methods; we can recommend customized crating, skidding and/or freight services for a wide array of brewery equipment.

As part of our shipping and handling services, we will:

  1. Obtain competitive accurate freight quotes from a variety of reliable national carriers.
  2. Source crating and skidding services for your location.
  3. Schedule pickup and delivery.
  4. Manage customs for shipments between the US, Canada and Mexico.
  5. Provide delivery notification, calls and emails.
  6. Track shipping and provide proof of pick-up and/or delivery.
  7. Purchase shipping insurance.

Let's take a look together.

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