Paying for Your Purchase

When you make a purchase, an invoice is electronically generated, and can be viewed in the “My UniteCraft” section of the Marketplace. The "Pay Invoices" notice will appear at the top of the page if you have outstanding invoices.

No Equipment will be shipped until payment has been received in full, including fees and applicable taxes, if any. Accepted offers must be paid to UniteCraft (on behalf of the seller) no later than five (5) calendar days after the buyer is invoiced for their purchase unless specified otherwise.


All Amounts (Preferred)UniteCraft Secure Trust Account - bank wire transfer - (Free)

Alternative payment options: (Fees Apply)
$3,000 or lessCredit Card (3.05% convenience fee added)
$10,000 or payment partner - bank wire transfer - (Buyer Fees Apply)

UniteCraft Secure Trust Account - Bank Wire Transfers - Preferred (Free)

Buyer funds are held in the UniteCraft Secure Trust Account at a top-rated, FDIC-insured, national U.S. financial institutions with over $26 billion in assets. Funds are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per member. The funds impounded in a secure and non interest bearing Trust Account until the transaction is successfully completed.

UniteCraft Secure Trust Account protect Buyers and Sellers transactions by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds, and only disburses funds when both Buyers and Sellers contractual obligations are satisfied. This ensures that your transaction is protected against charge backs, fraud or wrongly described goods. UniteCraft Secure Trust Account provides a complete transnational audit trail visible by request to both buyers and sellers. UniteCraft Secure Trust Account undergoes rigorous third-party compliance assessments of our people, processes, and technologies annually.

Bank Wire Transfers

Wire transfers can be submitted with the help of your banking institution. Wire Details: To see the wire transfer details for your item, please refer to the item invoice page and select payment type. Item invoices are accessible from the My UniteCraft section after logging in to the site.

Credit Card

Available on a limited basis and available for invoices $3,000.00 and below.

We currently accept MasterCard and Visa.
Credit card payments are protected via SSL to encrypt your information when you send it to us.
Credit card payments are subject to an additional Payment Processing Fee of 3.05%, have a maximum allowable amount of $3,000.00, and are subject to UniteCraft approval.
Your total amount paid in the last 6 months via credit card should not exceed $5,000 (where you are the buyer).
The total amount paid to you in the last 6 months via credit card should not exceed $20,000 (where you are the seller).
Buyer payments submitted by credit card, while guaranteed secured to UniteCraft Trust Account, are subject to a mandatory three business day hold for funds to fully clear to UniteCraft Trust Account. UniteCraft is prevented from releasing funds until they have fully cleared.

UniteCraft may refuse to allow a credit card as payment for any reason at our sole discretion. Any rejection of credit card as a form of payment is not necessarily determined by information provided by the cardholder. We apologize if we are unable to accept a credit card payment for your transaction.

Licensed Escrow Service - Wire Transfer (Fee Apply)

As an alternative to UniteCraft Trust Account, we have partnered with for payments $10,000.00 and above. (Buyer Fees apply) is a UniteCraft integrated payment service. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, was founded in 1999 by Fidelity National Financial and is the leading providers of secure business holding escrow and transaction management on the Internet. is fully licensed, bonded, FDIC insured and audited escrow company. Funds are held in escrow at top-rated, FDIC-insured, U.S. financial institutions. Every funding transaction is verified for accuracy and authenticity.

Payment - Frequently Asked Questions

Are offers in U.S. Dollars?

Yes, all offers are in US Dollars (USD) If the sale is being held in Canada or Mexico, please calculate the equivalent value in US Dollars of the offer.

Who do I pay?

Payment is made to the UniteCraft Secure Trust Account (wire or credit card) or optional, UniteCraft payment partner for invoices $10,000.00 and above (Buyer Fees apply).  Both payment methods ensure equal protection for both buyers and sellers. Do not transfer any funds directly to the seller as that will eliminate your settlement protection. UniteCraft payment process acts as an intermediary, neutral party and will hold funds until the transaction between Buyer and Seller is successfully completed.

When do I receive my bill of sale?

A bill of sale is a legal document that records the transfer of ownership of an asset to a second party in exchange for money. The bill of sale will be sent to the seller and the buyer by email after the funds in trust have been transferred to the seller and the transaction is completed. The bill of sale has the following information: date of purchase, name and address of the seller and buyer, the purchase price, description of the assets being transferred, stated that the item is free from all claims and offsets, the terms and conditions of sale, and any representations or warranties.

How can I view and pay my invoices?

Your invoices can be viewed from the My UniteCraft section of the Marketplace. If you have outstanding invoices to pay, a "Pay Invoices" yellow banner notice will show below the header of the site.