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Sign Up or Log In and browse the marketplace, and get listing privileges. Buyers can contact you and make offers. If you need help, Contact Us.


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NO COST TO LIST. You can self-post items or use our mass listing service.  Listing are reviewed by experts and typically go live within 24 hours.


We Market It

UniteCraft marketing is unparalleled in its reach. Our massive digital marketing database reaches every brewery owner in the nation, giving you the best opportunities for buying and selling equipment.


You Get Paid

Our “Buy Now” and “Make an Offer” features ensure that you get the best price for you item. After we confirm payment from the buyer, and the equipment gets released, we'll process your payment .

Sell with Confidence on UniteCraft

Failure to receive complete payment is one of the biggest risks for sellers. Buyers may refuse to pay the agreed amount, or demand the title before payment. UniteCraft mitigates that risk with an option of using either the UniteCraft Hold Account or a third-party escrow service. Both options verify that payment funds has been received and impounded before you complete the sale, so you won’t need to worry about lost checks, charge backs or ‘insufficient funds’ days or weeks after the equipment has left your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between “Buy Now” and “Make an Offer”?

    The “Buy Now” option allows buyers to immediately purchase an item at the sellers “Offer Price”. This option allows buyers to avoid competing with other unknown buyers. The “Make an Offer” option allows buyers to submit offers for equipment. The seller will decide to accept, decline, or make a counteroffer. Sellers may set minimum offers, which will auto-reject any offer below a baseline price.

Can I buy without registering for a member account?

    No. Without a member account, you can view all the items available in the marketplace, but you cannot make an offer or communicate with sellers. A member account confirms that you are a commercial brewer and intend to purchase equipment for use in a brewery. It also gives us the basic information needed to place offers on marketplace items.

Is the price of the equipment negotiable?

Yes, if the seller lists the item as “Make Offer”, we recommend buyers submit offers on equipment.  Keep in mind that the seller may have multiple offers on the same piece of equipment; other offers cannot be seen by the buyer.

Am I able to retract or change an offer once it has been placed?

No. Once an offer is submitted, you are unable to remove or modify the offer. If you made an offer in error, please call us to assist you.

Can I inspect the item?

UniteCraft can coordinate your inspection and pickup (may not apply to all items). If the item’s condition or description is not as presented on the marketplace, the buyer may choose to refuse the item before payment is released to the Seller.

How do I get dimensions and/or specifications for my equipment?

UniteCraft cannot provide additional dimensions and/or specifications on equipment above that which is provided by the seller when listing the item. Buyers may obtain dimensions and/or specifications by  sending an inquiry to the seller using the “Make an Inquiry” button on the item page, contacting the original equipment manufacturer, or visiting the manufacturer's website, or doing your own search on the Internet. A buyer should work with their transportation company to review common references for dimensions. The seller may choose to assist you with additional information but is not required to provide any additional information about the equipment.

Where can I find my item inventory and record of past sales?

Your inventory items are in the My UniteCraft section of the site. Past equipment sales can be viewed in the My UniteCraft > Selling section of the Marketplace. The sold equipment will be located under the history category at the bottom of the page.

How do I know if buyers are looking for specific equipment?

UBE's Most Wanted page lists high demand equipment that is not currently available on the marketplace. If you are looking to sell any equipment that matches our Most Wanted page, please contact us. View and search our current Most Wanted listings by clicking here.