Marketplace Fee

What is the UniteCraft Marketplace Fee?


UniteCraft is a marketplace facilitator specializing in the professional brewery equipment market. We have invested millions of dollars to provide you with an online marketplace to efficiently buy and sell surplus brewery equipment safely, securely, and at an optimum market price. We have also heavily invested in our core digital marketing platform to market your equipment to every brewery owner in the country.

All accepted offers are subject to UniteCraft’s Marketplace Fee Schedule, as well as any additional shipping, logistical, or services fees agreed upon by the buyer and seller. The "UniteCraft Marketplace Fee is the fee charged by UniteCraft to covers the sale, direct marketing, sales processing service and platform costs of the marketplace, and is a percentage of the final item(s) selling price.

All fees are shown clearly and upfront in the "Review Offer" screen before a buyer agrees to proceed with the purchase. The buyer Marketplace Fee is added to the sale price. For more information, see Buyer and Seller Terms and Conditions.

A quick look at our fees

To pay for our services, here is the fee schedule:
Buyer Marketplace Fees Schedule (Effective April 1, 2021)

ServicesBuyer's Rate *

* Buyer's rate is a percentage of the offer's final price and is added to the buyer's invoice.

State taxes may be payable on the buyers price included the buyers marketplace fee. All currencies are in United State dollars. Escrow fee is separated from the marketplace fee. Other services fees are quoted at the time of request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Buyer's fee calculated

Example, the item's final price is $7,000.00

Buyer's Rate
3.0%  X $7,000.00$210.00
Fee added to the buyer's invoice$210.00

Buyer pays $7,210.00