UBE is the Safe Way to Buy and Sell
Brewery Equipment Online

1. Simplified Sales Process

Regardless of the size of your brewery equipment transaction, UBE handles the details and administration duties involved in a sale. UBE is simple to use and manages the entire sales process; from marketing the Seller's listing, to invoicing the Buyer, to helping with Buyer financing. We are even involved in tax exemption and other paperwork. Our role is to streamline the transaction process.

2. Reduced Risk

Conducting major financial transactions between unknown parties poses various risks and liabilities. UBE reduces the risk of fraud, scams and untrustworthy sales by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds, and only disburses funds when both Buyers and Sellers are satisfied.

3. Protection for Both Parties

UsedBreweryEquipment.com securely holds the funds while equipment is being exchanged, protecting both the buyer and seller. The buyer is given the opportunity to inspect the merchandise during pick up, before UBE releases of the funds to the seller. The seller is also protected from any unexpected chargebacks. Most importantly, the money is secured prior to the equipment shipment.

4. Unmatched Direct Marketing Reach

UBE marketing is unparalleled in its brewery community reach. Our massive digital marketing database and expert marketing team reach every brewery owner in the nation, giving you the best opportunities to find the right buyer for your equipment. UBE has spent years building our marketing engine, with a goal of benefitting every brewery owner in North America- buyers and sellers.

5. Better Sale Price through our “Offers” and “Buy it Now”

UBE focuses on high return for your surplus, pre-owned brewery equipment. Our “Offer” and “Buy It Now” bidding engine helps buyers and sellers receive multiple offers and market efficient sale prices.

6. UBE Equipment Leasing

UBE equipment leasing option helps buyers more easily find financing for their purchases.  This, in turn, helps sellers find more qualified buyers for their equipment. UBE has integrated the leasing process directly into the marketplace; the option is available in the buyer's invoice. The integrated service streamlines the payment process and helps buyers get financing quickly. UBE finance team is ready to get you the best rates based on your situation and background. With UBE financing, you will use no personal capital for down payments, have no upfront payments, and your payments will match your cash flow. Additionally, your payments will be deferred until the equipment generates revenue.  Approval comes within days.

7. A Real B2B Marketplace:

UBE is the only real B2B (Brewery to Brewery) marketplace in the industry. Built from the ground up for brewery owners, UBE combines our proprietary, state of the art, asset management platform with our powerhouse digital marketing platform. Together they deliver maximum financial return for equipment Buyers and Sellers.

UBE Value Base Model

How UBE Works

Getting started with UBE is easy, and using the platform is simple. Here’s what you can expect when you use the service to buy or sell professional brewery equipment online.

Step 1

Buyer and Seller agree to terms - Either the Buyer or Seller begins the transaction. After registering at UsedBreweryEquipment.com, all parties agree to the terms of the transaction. Terms of Use

Step 2

Buyer and Seller negotiate the price and terms through UBE’s “Make an Offer” or “Buy it Now” engine. Upon price and terms agreement, the Buyer is presented with an invoice for payment.

Step 3

Buyer pays UsedBreweryEquipment.com trust account or UBE integrated 3rd party nationally-licensed escrow service. When the Buyer submits a payment, UBE verifies the payment, and the Seller is notified that funds have been secured 'In Trust.'

Step 4

Upon payment verification, UBE exchanges the Buyer and Seller contact information. UBE works with the Buyer to complete the required paperwork. The Buyer and Seller are responsible for arranging equipment inspection and pick up/shipping.

Step 5

UBE verifies that the Buyer inspected and received the equipment. 

Step 6

UBE releases the payment funds from the Trust Account to the Seller.

The transaction is now complete - safely and securely! 

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