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Join live webinars or local group workshops hosted by UniteCraft Members and CAS Member Consultants.  Depending on the host, webinars may be free or require a fee to attend.

To view upcoming webinars and local workshops, click the button below and visit the list on PinPoint.  

Past presenter Rick Wehner (Brewery Finance)

Watch Recorded Webinars

Did you miss a live webinar from a UniteCraft Member?  UniteCraft records and posts past webinars for you to watch on-demand and at your convenience. 

Crafting a Strategy
Member Consultant

UniteCraft has partnered with CRAFTINGASTRATEGY.COM (CAS) to bring their research and practical advice to every small brewery. UniteCraft hosts both free and premium content from CAS, and workshops by CAS Member Consultants feature lessons learned from CAS and their practical implementation.

We invite you into the CAS community where hundreds of beer business executives spread across 23 countries ask for help and provide wisdom to keep this craft movement going.

Small breweries aren’t simply smaller versions of large breweries. Sam Holloway, Ph.D., a business professor and small brewery owner, has spent the last decade rewriting the rulebook for good strategy. He did this by studying craft breweries and the men and women who own them. He watched a battle where every financial argument suggested the little breweries should lose, but they just kept on winning. That’s why CRAFTINGASTRATEGY.COM exists.