About UniteCraft

UniteCraft is a technology company with a suite of online applications enabling the craft community to be more competitive by connecting, collaborating, finding services, and lowering costs.  UniteCraft PinPoint, UniteCraft Marketplaces, UniteCraft Business Center and the future home of UniteCraft Real-time Co-op and UniteCraft Cloud ERP Apps.

Founded in 2019, UniteCraft uses all proprietary technology, North American headquarters and technology center is located in Fort Collins, Colorado with business offices in San Francisco, California.


Derek Godfrey

Derek Godfrey is the co-founder and President of UniteCraft Corporation. Derek has spent over thirty years in the brewery industry. From his start at Molson Breweries Canada, he moved to the United States for the development of Molson Breweries USA. He founded a technology service company utilized by Miller Brewing, which ultimately managed over $35 million of inventory at U.S. distribution centers. Years later, he founded a Los Angeles-based internet start-up e-commerce business that was acquired by Micro Matic, the global leader in draft dispensing equipment manufacturing. This platform has since evolved into the largest North American site for beverage dispensing equipment. While helping solidify Micro Matic as an authority leader in the market, Derek served in executive roles where he brought the $250 million, 1,700 employee worldwide company online globally while doubling the size of the North American operation. Recognized as an entrepreneur, visionary thinker and expert in building large scale enterprise class business platforms for rapid growth organizations, Derek holds an economics degree from McMaster University and an associate degree in Marketing and Advertising from Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology, both in Ontario, Canada.

Nick Michaels

Nick Michaels is the co-founder, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of UniteCraft Corporation and founder and owner of Webthink International, a global web technology services firm. Nick has over twenty years of history in building enterprise-class technology solutions for leading global companies. The UniteCraft marketplace and UniteCraft PinPoint is built on Webthink’s core web and mobile technology platform. For over eighteen years, Webthink has provided the global e-business technology platform for the draft beer equipment manufacturer, Micro Matic USA and Micro Matic A/S. Other brewery industry projects include web and mobile technology for McDantim Gas Blending Technologies and an industry-wide line cleaning and draft beer technician scheduling solution used by thousands of draft beer service technicians in North America and around the world.

Kristin Godfrey

Kristin is the marketing manager for UniteCraft.